The local patch

I don’t get to spend much time researching or getting out locally, as I’m usually working or preparing trips outside the UK. With good light and a few tips off local photographers and twitter, I spend 5 hours within 6 miles of my home and got some OK shots. At my local nature reserve, RSPB Saltholme wintering Long Eared Owls often hang out in the scrub and trees on the southern edge of the reserve (Haverton Scrub). These hard to find birds are always great to see.



This year there has been 1000’s of Waxwings in the UK, and lots of sighting in the north east of England. They have a bad habbit of spending most of there time in housing estates which isn’t great for photography!!




Goldfinches number have gone up a lot in the Uk over the last 10 years, never easy to photograph unless they are coming into a garden feeder, large ‘charms’ are seen close to the coast where I live.


Not a bad 5 hours, hopefully I will be able to get out a little more over the winter.