Swimming with singing Whales

Northern Tonga has been on our list for a few years after lots of research we picked the Blue Lagoon because they do 4 to a boat (plus the guide) rather than 8 like most of the other operators. We combined the trip with a month in the area covering, New Calendonia, Fiji and New Zealand. The journey took a few days; Newcastle (Uk) to Dubai (UAE) to Brisbane (Aus) to New Calendonia to Fiji to Vava’u (Tonga). We had a week on the island with 5 days on the water looking for whales, we has several whales every day and 20 in one day (which included a heat run of more than 10 whales at once). Along with the Humpback Whales we saw Bottle Nosed Dolphins, sharks, Noddy Terns and Boobies (birds).



On one of the five days the visibility was excellent at 20m. The difference if makes to the images is very noticable and doesn’t impact the colours as significantly. This mother and calf where just about to head down after spending 10 minutes on the surface the calf twisted its way mother as it desended.


singing whales

Humpback Whales mother and calf