Owls in Lincolnshire

Chasing Barn Owls on the Lincolnshire levels and then waiting in a hide for most of the night for Twany Owls is a great way to spend a few days. Tom Robinson’s hide for Twany Owls is the best I’ve visited, check out what he has to offer here, http://www.wildlife-photography-hides.co.uk/ Using dead mice the Twany Owls have been coming in for a number of years, with remote flashes and pre focused lens, its just a waiting game but you can get amazing images.


Long exposures (30 sesonds) with front sync flash you get the owl and the stars.

Not far from the farm where the Twany Owl’s are driving up and down the small roads on the levels you can find a few Barn Owls and Short Eared Owls hunting at sunset.