Cities of the night – Hong Kong

I’ve been lucky to travel all over the world in search of wildlife and often pass through some very cool cities, the Hong Kong harbour Symphony of Lights is definitely one of the best night city photography locations in the world. I spent a few nights jumping on ferries, catching buses and walking around the city get some great shots of the city at night.


Getting the shots.

I took all these shots without a tripod and just used railings and my coat to steady the camera. Using quite high ISO (about 2000). The best spots gets very busy so using a tripod is pretty hard (get there early if want to use a tripod), if you have a clamp you could using railings to attach to, a beanbag is pretty handy too. I used my Canon 1Dx with 3 lens: canon 14mm II f2.8, Canon 24mm-70mm f2.8 and Canon 70mm-200mm II f2.8, using f2.8 lens makes it easy to get a high enough shutter speed without a tripod, typical shutter speeds I shot at for these images was 1/20s. I didn’t worry too much about depth of field instead focusing on composition and the impact of the city lights to get strong photographs.