Back on Farne Islands… Puffins

I live down the road from the Farne Islands in Northumberland, I get there 3-4 times a year and after 15 years still find myself on the all-day boat trip, landing on Staple and Inner Farne (only 2 islands you can land on) both owned by the national trust ( The main attraction are the Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula arctica), over 35,000 pairs breed on the islands. The Puffins share the island with 20 other species of bird including Razorbills (Alca torda), black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla), common guillemot (Uria aalge),  Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea), Sandwich tern (Thalasseus sandvicensis) and common tern[2] (Sterna hirundo).

This is a Puffin TitleLanding in the middle of the day in summer is never the best for photography but being in the north east of England it’s not sunny that often so you can get a nice soft box effect during cloudy days. Last year I spent most of my time with the Sandwich Terns, this year I am looking at more landscapes shots and getting a few more puffins. This trip was a bit early for the archetypal Puffin with Sand Eel shots as they are all still on eggs. Good numbers of Guillemots on the pinnacles is a great spectacle early in the season. I’ll be back on the islands in June and July (with a trip up to Bass Rock as well).