What photography equipment do you use?

I have always used Canon cameras and lens, starting with my first film SLR a Canon EOS 300 in 2001, teamed up with a Sigma 70mm-300mm lens this started an expensive habit. I moved on to a Canon EOS 3 and Canon EOS 1V (which is the best camera I have ever used). I used and loved Fuji Chrome Provia 100f, 400f and occasionally Velvia, a well exposed slide of Provia 100f is so beautiful (I miss slide film). I moved to digital cameras with the introduction of the Canon EOS 1D MK2 and Canon 1Ds MK2, both great camera’s that I kept for 5 years before stepping to the Canon EOS 1D MKIV camera, theft resulted in a getting the Canon 1DX which I have used for the last 2 years. This is a fantastic camera with missed shots usually down to user error!! I also have a Canon 5D MK2 which I use for landscape work and for my underwater photography. I use canon L series lens covering 14mm to 500mm. My most used lens are my Canon 500mm F4 IS USM, followed by the Canon 70mm-200mm F2.8 IS USM II then the Canon 14mm F2.8 II, all great lens. I usually squeeze in a few Jaffa cakes as well.

kit bag

I use an Ikelite underwater housing with dome port, with my Canon 5D MK2 with either a 14mm f2.8 or 24 f1.4 lens, I don’t do a huge amount of underwater work its main use came in 2016 on my trip to Tonga to swim with Humpback whales (click here for the images and blog). I am looking to do more underwater work over the next few years including returning to the Humpback Whales in Tonga. I have started to use GoPro camera’s to video my subjects and create timelapse films. I use the GoPro Hero 4 black for night timelapse work and video (I also attach this to my underwater housing), I modified a GoPro hero 3 black with a lens from Rage Cams for macro video and timelapse work.


All my kit gets squeezed into a LowePro PhotoTrekker which travels with me all over the world. I rarely use a tripod as I prefer to use bean bags or more often than not hand holding (bad habit!). I do have a Gitzo 1548 tripod that I use with an Arca Swiss ball head combines with a Wimblery sidekick, in some hides you can use just the ball head and side kick but more often than not a bean bag is best.


I have a PC-based digital dark room and produce prints on an Epson 2400. I use Breeze Browser for my image sorting (and lots of deleting, it’s the fastest tool I have found that allows you to check 4 images sharpness at once) and Photoshop are my main software tools. I use Western Digital hard drives alongside a Sony Viao series laptop when out in the field (I will need to find an alternative next time as Sony no longer make laptops!).

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